Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Horse and His Boy Book Review

           Shasta,the son of a poor fisherman,leads a dull,but hard life.
     When a wealthy man wishes to have Shasta as a slave,he runs
     away with the man's talking horse.
          The horse,Bree,tells Shasta of a wonderful land in the North
     where they can both be free.
               As they travel along they meet Aravis,a young woman who
     escaped from a forced marriage and Hwin,who like Bree,is a talk
    -ing horse.
     As they travel along they face many trials and challenges.
        Will they make it to the glorious North?


Rissi said...

C.S. Lewis' stories are awesome! I remember the first time I saw "Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe" on the big-screen: I was enthralled by how wonderful it was and how true it was to the book. Disney/Fox certainly do a beautiful job with them.

I've not read this book yet though - I read them whenever a new movie is made, so I've only read "Caspian," "Lion, Witch & Wardrobe" and "Voyage of Dawn Treader."

Such great stories!

PrincessR said...

I think this was my favorite of all the Narnian books. Maybe because I like horses so much! :) Have you read it? Did you like it?

Ella said...

Thanks Rissi and PrincessR thanks for commenting.
I love C.S.Lewis books;he had such a way with words.
P.S.PrincessR-I love horse too:)

Anonymous said...

Love this book. I also enjoy the sub-plot of Susan escaping her marriage to the evil Calormen prince. :] Your blog is wonderful, Ella!

God bless,

Ella said...

Thanks Rochlia!