Monday, October 3, 2011

Fun things to do in the fall

Hiking is something I love to do in the fall because the weathers perfect.

2.Taking pictures
I like to take pictures of  leaves and pumpkins.

3.Going to Silver Dollar City

SDC is a great place to go all year round,but it's really nice during the cooler months.

 I can't wait to bake(and eat) a slice of pumpkin pie!

 What are some of the things you like to do during the fall?


Ella said...

I love your post!! So cool! I think I agree with most of the things you like to do in fall!

Olivia said...

Love taking pictures as well!
And all the fall 'fashion' that comes w/ the season!

Rissi said...

Ah, autumn! I LOVE everything about this season. From the crisp, cool air to the beautifully, changing leaves, it is the "perfect" time of year. Each year I snap photos of our tree, so I ever so slowly am getting quite the collection of "leaf pictures." =D

I am actually not a huge fan of pumpkin pie, but I do love these pecan muffins we make and the pumpkin cake roll, which I much prefer over pie.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE SDC- I think it's my favorite place ever :]
And pumpkin pie, yumm...
I like to daydream in the autumn, but I do that all year 'round!
I like the photos you posted-nice!
God bless always!


Bri said...


I just stared following! I love your blog. I think your header is SO cool! :) I love baking too! :)


Ella said...

Ella-I'm glad you like my post.
Olivia-I love fall clothing too!
Rissi-The pumpkin cake roll sounds sooo good:)
Rochlia-SDC has to be opne of my favorite places also.
Bri-Thanks for following my blog!

Bri said...


My blog has somehow been deleted! :( And I've had to create a new one:

Please come follow my new diamonds and pearls!


Ella said...

Thanks Bri!
I thought something was wrong with your other blog.