Friday, October 28, 2011

 Have you noticed my new blog header?
I won in a giveaway from
  Miss Ashley from made it.
 Don't you think she did a nice job?
    I also won a wallpaper from Miss Sonya from
I hope you will have a great day in the Lord:)

P.S.There is still three days left to enter the Autumn glory photo contest.


Rissi said...

Awww! Neat, Ella.

"Narnia" = awesome. =)

Ella said...

LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!
Your new blog design is GREAT!!!!

Ella said...


Anonymous said...

I love it!
You're officially a professional blogger now :]

So I'm laughing like crazy right now because the song on your blog changed- and what do I hear but Edmund, screaming "Something pinched me!"
Deep breath.
Now I'm OK :]
God Bless,

Ella said...

I didn't relize that when I picked that video.

Queen Susan said...

I love your header!

Ella said...

Thanks Queen Susan!