Saturday, November 5, 2011

Caption Contest

 Rebekah Brielle is having a caption contest.
  A caption is were you take a photo and put words to it.
 This is the first caption contest I've done so.
     I'm ready to try:)

                          Man:"Your hair is so soft!
                     Woman(Taylor Swift):Eww!Don't
                     touch my hair.
                                     Georgie Henley:"high ya!"
                   Ben Barnes:"What is Georgie doing?"
                   William Mosley:"Oh,that.She is
                    practising Tai kwon do".
                                              Carrie Underwood:"Opps!Excuse
                     If you would like to enter this contest
                      click on this link- 
                Thanks for hosting this contest Rebekah
                            I hope you will have a blessed


Rissi said...

Best of luck, Ella

Ella said...

Thanks Rissi!

Rebekah Brielle said...

Hey Ella!

Thanks for entering ;)
For some reason your link on my blog is not showing up!
Could you please please try again? Thanks so much ;)
Love your captions :)

Ella said...

Thanks Rebekah Brielle!
I'll try tou put my link again.