Monday, November 14, 2011

  I am not sure what to post on,so I have put up a poll.
  Please vote on it!
Thank you:)


Jessica said...

you should post about you -- your week, your likes and dislikes, something that made you laugh, etc. i like to get to know people through blogging, so i don't mean you should get TOO personal, but you should express yourself :)

Ella said...

Thanks for the suggestion Jessica:)

Bri said...

Whenever I can't think about something to post on I get my camera and take a few photo's. And edit them in a crazy sort of way...That at least gives you something to put on your blog. And then I write about what i've been doing or how school is going for me.

Once I got really stuck. I couldn't think of ANYTHING to post on and found my blog to be really boring. I got some guest posters to post on my blog for a few weeks and found that during the break I could think up some better posts.

And one more thing, recipes are always fun to post! ;)

Hope this helps!

~Bri {Diamonds and Pearls}

Rissi said...

Voted. =)

Here's what I think is best about blogging: you can - and should post about whatever you want. Whatever comes easiest for you. =)

Ella said...

Bri-Thanks for the ideas!I never thought about posting a recipe.

Rissi-Thanks for the support!

Ella said...

Thank you all for the good suggestions,they have helped me a lot:)