Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jane Austen Birthday week Tag Q & A

   Miss Dashwood of
is hosting a blog party in hour of Jane Austen's Birthday.
  On her blog she posted tags,so today I am going to answer them.

   1.What was the first JA novel you read and who introduced it to you?
  Northanger Abbey. I read it because I loved watching movies based on JA books.
  2.What is your least favorite JA novel and why?
     Northanger Abbey. Because it was hard to comprehend(I read it at my brother's ball games,so that may be why)
  3.Who do you think is the funniest character JA ever created?
    Mrs.Jennings from Sense and Sensibility.
 4.Which JA villan(ess) do you love to hate?
     Fanny Dashwood and Wickham.
 5.What's your favorite JA quote?
I can't think or find any at this moment:(
6.If you start someone on a JA,which book would you recommend and why?
  I would suggest Emma because the characters are realistic,like able,and the begging captured my attention.
 7.What is your favorite absolute JA film and why?
  It is either Emma 2009,Sense and Sensibility 1995,or Pride and Prejudice 2005,depending on my mood.
 8.If you could authorize a new film adaption of one of JA's novels,which would it be and why?
 It would be hands down Mansfield park,because I don't like the two movie versions of it.
 9.Which JA charcter do you most identify with?
  Elizabeth Bennet because I,like her,am stubborn and sometimes prejudice.
 10.If you could have lunch with JA today what question would you most like to ask her?
 Which character was she most like or where did you get inspiration for stories?
 12.If you could have lunch with any JA charcters todays who would it be and why?
 Either Elizabeth or Jane Bennet,because I think I could have a nice conversation with either of them.

   Thanks Miss Dashwood for hosting the party!


Livia said...

I loved this tag. Northanger Abbey is not one of my favorites either. I found it a little slow and Catherine was embarrassing. Yes, I get embarrassed my imaginary people.

Ella said...

I get embarrsed reading books too!