Friday, January 27, 2012

Blog award!!!

   Miss Dashwood of and Anne,who has a private blog
have given me an Irresistibly sweet blog award!
  Thanks so much Miss Daswood and Anne!

Now have I have to tell seven things about myself.

  1.I have read the viking quest series by Lois Walfred Johnson three times.
  2.I have been playing the piano for over one and a half years.
 3.I am currently re-watching North and South(2004).
 4.I am trying to read all of the Bible by the end of this year.
 5.I now have 19 official followers!Thanks so much!!!!
 6. I am Currently re-reading Anne of Avonlea by L.M.Montgomery.
 7.I am looking forward to the blog event that is going to happen soon at
  Now I will pass on this award to
Miss Bea of
Miss Rebecca of
Miss Laurie of
Miss Lauren of
Miss Katie Wagner of
Miss Rissi of
Miss Sarah of
Miss Ella of
and Miss Charity U of
    Thanks again Miss Dashwood and Anne!


Rissi said...

Thanks bunches, Ella! Including me is much appreciated. =)

Ella said...

Your welcome Rissi!!!

Katie Wegner said...

Thank you so much! I'll be posting that ASAP!

PrincessR said...

Thank you! You are too sweet. :)

We love North and South! Have you watched her Wives and Daughters? That one is my fav or hers.

Have you read Johnsons Northwood Adventure series? I will have to look up her viking series!


Ella said...

Katie Wegner-Your welcome! Sorry that I spelled your last name wrong.
PrincessR-Your welcome
I really like wives and daughter! I hope to re-watch it again soon.
I have read the adventures in the north woods and enjoyed it.
I think you would love viking quest!

Lauren said...

Ella, thank you for awarding me! I play the piano as well, and love it so much! I also love the Anne books, and my sisters and best friend just adore the Viking Quest series. I have yet to read them, though:)

Ella said...

Your welcome!!!
I enjoy piano music immenisily.
Anne is a great charcter.
If you like other cultures and realistic charcters than you will be probably enjoy Viking Quest.

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Thank you for the reward, Ella! I appreciate it. :) You are very sweet.

Ella said...

Your welcome!
And thank you!!!