Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yankee Candle!!!

  I enjoy going to the Yankee Candle store.
I went this past weekend and bought my first Yankee Candle-a North Pole Candle,which has a sweet,peppermint like smell to it(see picture at the  top of the post).
  Something about that store is exciting and calm at the same time,if that makes sense.

 Have you been to the Yankee Candle store before?
 Do you have any favorite scents?


Katie Wegner said...

I've never been, but I have past it in the mall. And it is always very strong smelling, because of all the scents of the candles. But my favorite scent, for any candle, is Sweet Pea. I love that scent, have you ever smelled it?

Ella said...

I love the smell of Sweet peas;I have SP scented body wash and body mist.

Anonymous said...

I love their Bayberry scent- it smells like a faerie wood! I like to have it lit during Christmas especially. I know the calm-and-excited feeling you are talking about. I like that feeling a lot too!

Roch :]

Ella said...

The Bayberry scented candle is perfect for Christmas!
It does have a nice earthy and woodsy smell to it,doen't it?

Rissi said...

Never been into an actual Yankee Candle store (I don't think I have...), but Hallmark stores carry a wide array of Yankee candles. They have so many awesome scents. =)

Ella said...

You should go to the Yankee Candle store if you can.
I also like the Lilac scent from YC.