Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Anne of Green Gables Week Tag

     Miss Dashwood of Yet Another Period Drama is hosting an Anne of Green Gables,which started yesterday(The button has the wrong date on it).
   Miss Dashwood and Melody have come up with a tag to start it,so I am going to answer it.

1.How many of the Anne books have you read and how many of the films have you seen?
  I have read all of the Anne book,some of them two or three times, and have watched the three Sullivan entertainment films.

2.If someone yanked your hair and called you carrots,what would you do to him?
  Probably say "Whatever",roll my eyes,and ignore him because my hair is not red.

3.What would you do if Josie dared you to walk on the ridgepole of a roof?
 Do what I did to the person who called me carrots.

4.If you had the opportunity to play any AGG character in a AGG play,which role would you chose?
  Ruby Gillis. I think it would be fun to play someone who cries and almost faints.

5.If you were marooned on a deserted island,which AGG charter would you want as an companion(secondary character)?
 Jane Andrews. She very sensible and would keep me calm.

6.If there was going to be a new adaption of the Anne books and you could have any part in making the movie,what would you choose to do?
 I think it would be fun to do the actresses hair.

7.What are,in your opinion the AGG book/movie scenes(Choose one from the books and one from the movies)
    My favorite funny scene in the first Anne movie is the lake scene.
    I think the green hair scene is pretty funny in the book:)

8.What are,in your opinion,the saddest AGG scenes(one from each again)
  Do not read this if you haven't read or watched AGG-I think it would be when Matthew dies. It is very sad both in the book and in the movie.

9.Which AGG character would you most like to spend the afternoon with(secondary character)?
    Mrs.Allen. She is so nice and is an encourager.

10.What is your definition of a kindred spirit?
   To me it's someone who understands you-even when you don't make a lot of sense.
Thanks Miss Dashwood for hosting AGG week.
I am looking forward to seeing what this week has in store:)


Violet said...

Hi Ella!

I LOVE Anne of Green Gables! I must confess that I only attempted to read the book fairly recently though! It was my Mum's favourite book when she was younger, and as I am a avid reader, she really wanted me to read it and enjoy it as much as she had. But I think she gave it to me when I was bit young as I couldn't get past the first page as there were too many difficult words! Being much older now, though, and having seen the film (the film is amazing too), I attempted it again and loved every bit of it!!!

Thank you so much for posting this - every time Anne of Green Gables is mentioned, I get a bit teary-eyed (you know why)! I think she demonstrates the mischevious streak we all have and sometimes we wish we would let others see, but are not daring enough! :) And of course it is always so much fun to try and work out with my friends whether we are more like Diana or Anne! Which one do you think you are more like?

Whoops, I'm rattling on! God bless, Ella, and have a good week! I'll be watching out for more blog posts! :)


Ella said...

Violet-Thanks you so much for your sweet comment.
I think I am most like Anne becuase I love writing and reading,I have a temper(which I am striving to control),and can be very stubborn. I don't have red hair,though.
Which AGG charcter do you think your most like?

I hope you have a blessed day in the Lord!

P.S.I apperciate long comments:)

Violet said...

Hi Ella,
I'll give you a shorter reply this time! :) I think I'm more like Diana in some respects as I have darker hair, a tendacy to be shy and nervous about everything - I'm not very daring like Anne is!!!

Ella said...

Violet-Thanks for the reply!
Diana is a wonderful charcter!
I am not as daring as Anne either.