Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sara Groves Invisible Empires CD Review

  This is the newest of  Sara Groves CD. It has a nice contemporary feel to it and the lyrics are like poetry.                             
                          ~Song List~
3.I"ll wait

4.Scientists in Japan

5.Open my hands

6.Precious Again

7.Eyes on the prize

8.Without love

9.Right now




                         ~I"ll Wait~

                        ~Eyes on the prize~

Have you heard of Sara Groves?

Do you have any favorite songs?

Have you been to any of her concerts?




Rissi said...

I have nearly all of Sara's CD's (yep, I am one of those people who still like to buy the "physical" copy of an album!). I haven't listened to this one as much, but my initial thoughts were that I didn't like it quite as well.

Really like "All I Need" and "You Could Never Lose my Love" by her - both are sweet. =)

Ella said...

Rissi-I have six of Sara Groves' cds.
I love all I need!

Gracie said...

I do like Sara Groves' music. I think my favorite song of hers is "Something Changed." :)

Ella said...

Gracie-thank you for commenting!
Something changed is a sweet song.
I believe that it was on the movie "The ultimate gift'.