Tuesday, March 20, 2012


 I hope ya"ll are havin' a great week.
    Yesterday I created a shelfari account.
Shelfari is a website connected to amazon.com,where you create a digital library.
 You can list what books you want to read,what books you are reading,and your favorite books.
    If you would like to friend go to

  Have you heard of shelfari?
  Do you have an account?
  Do you enjoy it?


Rachel Olivia said...

I use Goodreads for that sort of thing.

Ella said...

Rachel Olivia-I have heard of goodreads,but have never tried it.
Do you like it?

Violet said...

Sounds like a really neat idea Ella! I'd never heard of it but it sounds like a good thing for those who love to read (like me)!!! :)

Ella said...

Violet-It is!
I like it because it helps me keep track of what I've read.
It is also very easy to make an account,if your interested.

Grace said...

I like Shelfari...it's a great way to organize books {for us bookworms} as well as finding new ones! I'm not on there as much anymore, but I've definitely found a myriad of books I can't wait to read in the summertime.

Thank you, dear, for always leaving the sweetest comments in my garden walk! I very much appreciate your kind words and hope to return them more often.

>>-----> tending her garden @ gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com

Ella said...

Grace-Thank you for your sweet comment!
I understand.It's hard to leave comments on other people's blog often,especially if you have a lot of followers.
Have a blessed week in the Lord!