Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tuck Everlasting Movie Review

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Fifteen-year-old Winnie Foster is tired of her pampered,yet boring life.
  When She takes a walk in the Woods surrounding her home, she meets Jesse Tucker,whom has a great family secret.
   To prevent Winnie from telling outsiders about them they kidnap her.
  At first Winnie is afraid and unwilling to trust them,but is soon one over by their laid back and comfortable life style.
  When the Tucker's secret is discovered,Winnie wonders if she should help them,or turn them in.

 (Objectable content:Winnie is shown in her corset and other under garments in several scenes. Two Characters share around half-a dozen kisses,some of which last more than a few seconds. A man is shoot and shown dead in a few scenes.)


Rissi said...

Never did see this one because of its sad ending. The premise in general lends itself to that conclusion so basically I have left this one "on the shelf." =D

Ella said...

Rissi-Why was the ending sad? I can think of why it was,but I would like your opinion.

Rissi said...

As it would happen, Ella, I was on-line when you just now left your comment: So checking out your question was great timing. =)

I like movies that have happy endings... generally. To me, it was sad that the two main characters don't end up together. I am not sure I would have liked the idea of the whole "eternal" life, but still... if two people are in love, I like to see them be together and/or marry at the end. =)

Ella said...

Thanks Rissi!
I didn't mind that,maybe becuase msot movies are kinda perdecitabel.
Again,Thanks for your opinion!