Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finding Neverland Movie Review

No copyright infrigment inteded*

Mr.James M.Barry's success is fleeting-both proffesionally and personally.
  On one of his daily walks he meets Sylvia Davies,a widow,and her four sons.
  James vists the Davies often,much to his wife's dismay.As he spends time with them he is inspired to write a new play,basing the charcters on his new friends.
 Will it become successful,despite tragic circumstanes?

Inspired by the life of the man who wrote Peter Pan.

Object able content:One use of the S-word.
One short scene where cleavage is shown.
 A married woman has an affair,but nothing is shown.


Rissi said...

Aw! I remember watching this one! It is really sweet but also far too sad for me to watch dozens of times.

Lauren said...

One of my favorite movies:-)

Ella said...

Rissi-It is on the sad side,but I still like it.
Lauren-It's one of my favorite's too! It kind of has the same feel as Miss Potter.

Grace said...

Hi! I'm Grace. I just started following your blog, though I have read it before. Lovely new name.

I think we are friends on Shelfari. I go by Evergraceful on there, though.

Have a lovely week,

Ella said...

Grace-Thank you!
I do follow you on shelfari.
I hope you have a wonderful week too!