Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Olympics!

The Olympics officially start Tomorrow!
I'm not big on sports,but I am excited to watch the swimming,gymnastics,and horse events.

What about you?

Are you planning on watching the Olympics?

Which team are you ruting for?

What events are you going to watch?

Do you have a favorite athlete competing?


Rissi said...

Team USA all the way. :-)

I was going to root for Shawn but now she isn't competing, I'll have to root for the rest of the U.S. gymnastics.

I will also be watching Michael Phelps and the two on the U.S. women's volleyball team since I watched many of their matches four years ago.

Ella said...

Rissi-Go USA!I would of liked to see Shawn Johnson too.

Violet said...

I haven't seen much so far - though the opening ceremony was certianly interesting - but I'm cheering for my home country of New Zealand of course! :)

Ella said...

Violet-The opening ceramony was unique-in a good way.
I have msotly watched the swimming,gymnastics,and beach volleyball.
I hope New Zealand does well:)