Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quiet time part 1-why having a queit is important

1.It strengths your relationship with Christ-
Who are you closer to, a friend you talk to once a mouth or everyday?
The more time you spend with God,the closer you will become to him.

2.You"ll learn from it- God has shown me so many things during my quiet time.

3.It helps in every area of your life-When I skip time of prayer and reading my Bible my day doesn't usually turn out very well,because I am more likely to sin and forget about my heavenly Father.

Do you think having a quiet time is important?
Do you do a quite time by yourself or with your family?
Do you have a quiete time at a special place or time?


Jenna Heap said...

I love quiet time! Great post!

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Ella said...

Jeanna- Quite time is great!
I will check out your blog pronto:)