Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quiet Time part 2-How to have a queit time

1.Prayer- It's good to start and/or end your quiet talking and listening to God.

2.Read your Bible-It doesn't matter what verses or chapter of the Bible you read each day. If your not sure where to start I suggest the Gospels or Psalms.

3.Use a devotional-This is something that is optional. It's a great tool if you want to study something specific or you don't know what you what to read.
 My favorites are:

A Young Woman's call to Prayer by Elizabeth George

Walking through the Wardrobe:a Devotional by Sarah Arthur

Knowing your God by Kay Arthur

A Young Woman after God's own heart by Elizabeth George

The Overcoming Life by Dwight L.Moody

4.Worship and Praise-You can do this in so many ways-You can sing,dance,or even write God a letter that expresses his glory and  your love for him. Be creative,but respectful.

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