Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lark Rise to Candleford Season one review

 When Laura Timmins is sent to the Canldeford post office she is sad to leave her family and Lark Rise community.
 She grows to love her work and flourishes from it with the help of her cousin Dorcas Lane,who is the postmisstress.
 As she grows up she learns what love,family,and life truly is.

*Objectionable content*
 The words d---n , h--l,a-- are used,but rarley.
 Lordy and my G-d a exclaimed around a dozen or times.
Kisses are shared between unmarried and married couples.with the more intimate ones shared between the married ones.
 A few woman wear low cut and/or tight fitting clothing.
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Rissi said...

So happy you posted this, Ella! I love this series and have been meaning to post my review for ages now! It's really a great little series that ended far too soon.

Ella said...

Thanks Rissi!
When I watched the last episode of season 4 it felt like the ending was not really an ending.
It's an enjoyable,feel godd show:)