Friday, November 9, 2012


Dear people at church that I don't know,
  I didn't mean to honk at you;it was an accident.

Dear Maybelline New York color tattoo eyeshadow,
  I can't wait to try you.I think you look so nice:)

Dear Handbell group,
 I think we are going to great at the performance tonight as long as we do it to glorify God.

Dear Once upon a time,
 How many characters are you going to keep adding and then kill off?

Dear Princess hairstyle,
 You look lovely and stylish,but are so easy to do.

Dear weekends,
  I look so forward to your coming and then you go by in the blink of an eye.Why do you have to do that?

Dear Monte Carlo,
 I've been wanting to watch you for a long time.
I hope I"ll get to watch you today.


Ima said...

Wow, How do you imagine it? Nicely written

Ella said...

Ima-Thanks. Rissi from Dreaming under the same moon came up it.
Isn't it fun?

Rissi said...

Lovely, Ella! I working up my fourth edition of these so maybe next week, it'll be among my posts. :)

Hope you saw Monte Carlo! I've been thinking about re-watching it. :)

Ella said...

Rissi-I enjoy doing these posts.
I can't wait to see your fourth edition.

I got to watch about half of Monte Carlo yesterday;I might get to finish it today.