Friday, March 1, 2013

Doctor Who Season 1 Review


Rated : PG

Summary : After a mysterious man,who calls himself 'The Doctor',rescues Rose Tyler from harmful creatures she joins him on his adventures.They travel through time and space helping those they meet.

My rating : 8

Objectionable content : The words H*ll and D**n are used several times in most episodes. Violence is prevelant,but not gory.One man appears to be bisexual and kisses another man,much to the other man dismay. Rose's mother wears some low cut and form fitting outfits.Some wonder if Rose is The Doctor's concubine,but she isn't.

Would I reccomend this?  Yes,but to teens and adults as some episodes are scary and have thematic plots.


Rissi said...

This series is a fun one. Only watched one or two eps., don't understand it all but... it's fun. :)

Ella said...

This series is fun! I'm afraid my family and I are addicted to it.
DW is the type of show you have to watch from the begging and watch several episodes of to get into it.
I hope you have a great weekend!