Saturday, April 6, 2013

Versatile and Brillant Boquet blog awards

     Daisy from has awarded me with two blog awards. Thanks so much Daisy!


       Versatile Blog Award rules
1.State the rules
2.Thank the awarded and link back to them
3.Must past this award onto five others bloggers
4.Must notify the awraded bloggers by commenting on their blogs
5.Share seven unusual things about yourself.

                 Seven Random Facts

1.I am addicted to Doctor Who!
2.My favorite book of the Bible is the Psalms.
3.I like cats better than dog.
4.I have a laugh that can sometimes get annoying (at least that what my family says:)
5.I sometimes go around my home talking in a fake British accent.
6.I own a pair of comfy purple skinny jeans.
7.I love to watch the Sun set.

I tag:
Lauren of

Miss Grace of

And anyone else who would like to do it:)

        Brilliant Boquet award


1.If you could have a flower pen name like we have here on our blog,,
what would it be?

 Iris. I think that's a lovely name.

2.What is your favorite ever Bible verse?

  That's hard. I guess it would be Philippians 4:13-I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

3.What are the blogs that inspire you most?

Violets and Daises, Dreaming under the same moon, and Project Inspired (it's kind of a blog).

4.If you and your friends could visit any country in the world, where w
ould you go?

 Ireland! From the pictures and videos I've seen it looks like a beautiful and welcoming country

5.If you have one, feel free to share your testiomony of have you came to know Christ.

I grew up and heard about Jesus all of my life. I was very young when I prayed the sinners prayer. Because I was so young when I was a tween I began to have some doubts about my salvation. So one night after a rival at my church I made sure that I was truly saved. Every since then God has shown me sooo much. I can't imagine my life without Him.

I tag whoever would like to do this tag.

Thanks again Daisy for awarding me!


Rissi said...

CONGRATS, Ella! Well deserved. :)

Yes, to Ireland! I'd enjoy seeing it also - and really Europe in general.

Also, you made me smile talking about "fake accents." I do that sometimes too. Particularly after watching a British drama.

Glad you are enjoying Doctor Who. They are fun if not a bit silly at times - the special effects. Also, thank you for the shout-out! Appreciate it very much. :)

Ella said...

Rissi- Thanks! I've always wanted to visit Europe.
I usually talk in a british accent after watching a british show or movie too:)
P.S.I like your new blog design. It's very professional and cool.

Rissi said...

Really?! Thank you - that's nice to hear about the design since in the past when I've swapped out templates it hasn't coded right for everyone's Internet browser.

Ella said...

It's hard to get the right template. I really like yours.It's much easier to use.

Grace said...

Just wanted to say thank you for the award. I just realized that I had gotten it, oops ;-P. Thank you very much, and I'll do the tag ta my new blog.


Ella said...

Your welcome! Have a great weekend!